Rita T.
Submitted 09/19/22
Dr Garbus worked alongside my GYN during a supracervical hysterectomy and to correct a rectocele condition. He was very patient, had bedside manners rare for a doctor, was very humorous and explained what he would be doing during each office visit and surgery. He accepted my insurance and stayed connected with my GYN to make sure the dual surgery would be a long lasting success. His staff followed up with my PCP for proper paperwork referrals and scripts alongside me. He even treated 2 of my adult children stayed in touch over the years even when he moved to a different location. He listens intently to his patients and believes in the emotional/physical connection for optimum health. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a compassionate confidential doctor patient experience no matter the age, insurance or condition.

Olga T.
Submitted 03/18/22
Doctor was very nice.

Dolores M.
Submitted 02/23/22
I have, had about 4 appointments with Dr. Garbus and every time, he was cordial, and very professional. He has a good bedside manner and is very easy to understand.

Michael G.
Submitted 11/02/21
DR.Garbus has been my doctor for over 20 years. The best way I can express my gratitude for him is to say that I have never thought more highly of the service and respect that he shows to his patients. My wife and myself can’t thank him enough.

Jason Pasquale R.
Submitted 04/27/21
Good job

Amancio D.
Submitted 04/26/21
The best Dr.for Colon treatments in New York. He saved my life from colon cancer .The best .

Jim U.
Submitted 04/26/21
No matter how busy the office is Dr Garbus makes you feel comfortable and at ease during a possible stressful situation

Fran H.
Submitted 04/25/21
Treated with care and respect!

Elaine D.
Submitted 04/24/21
Dr. Garbus is thorough, brilliant, puts you at ease and takes wonderful care of all my issues. He has a phenomenal staff. He talks to me . he listens to me. As does his staff. Office is immaculate and Covid safe.

Robert C.
Submitted 04/24/21
Dr. Garbus is an outstanding physician. Obviously he is extremely knowledgeable. Moreover, he’s patient and he answers every question thoroughly. And he has a terrific sense of humor.

Dolores M.
Submitted 02/05/21
nicely spaced in the waiting room, which I appreciate with the covid. Waiting was not that long, which is good. Dr. Garbus is very nice, and professional. Would reccomend

Christina B.
Submitted 10/26/20
First time going to Dr. Garbus Extremely friendly, great bedside manner, eases your mind, answered all my questions

Robert G.
Submitted 10/24/20
Very relaxing

Candice T.
Submitted 10/23/20
He’s a wonderful doctor who keeps his patients’ best interests in mind.

Peter P.
Submitted 10/23/20
Good Visit!

Stephen S.
Submitted 10/22/20
Best doctor highly recommended great care Would definitely recommend

Nancy B.
Submitted 10/22/20
Dr. Garbus is a wonderful doctor. He answers all your concerns and makes you feel comfortable.

Ilene D.
Submitted 10/22/20
In this very difficult time it is a pleasure to have such a caring and competent physician.

Rosalva S.
Submitted 10/22/20
Dr. Garbus, your service I rate it five stars. You are sweet and gentle in your area, which I appreciate very much. I have no complaints with your personnel in your clinic and the colonoscopy facility. hank you!

Joseph S.
Submitted 10/22/20
Excellent results!

James C.
Submitted 10/22/20
I always have a good experience at Dr Garbus office.The staff is very professional and friendly.Dr Garbus is terrific and very informative, he always addresses my problem and I feel better afterwards he’s the best

Janielle H.
Submitted 10/21/20

Claudia P.
Submitted 10/21/20
Makes me feel very comfortable. Great Dr/patient communication

James H.
Submitted 10/14/20
Dr. Garbus is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone needing his expertise He’s very easy to converse with and makes you feel at ease

Ken F.
Submitted 10/09/20
Dr Garbus is a very caring, patient physician He is one of my finest care givers

Joel B.
Submitted 09/03/20
A wonderful and dedicated doctor who has separated himself from many of his compatriots. If there is an award for a master surgeon, Jules Garbus would receive this honor!

Michael A.
Submitted 08/26/20
Very nice doctor. Would highly recommend.

Davor M.
Submitted 08/24/20
Phenomenal Doctor Very knowledgeable Great personality Highly recommended

Joel B.
Submitted 08/24/20
There is not a more dedicated and educated colon/surgeon doctor than Jules Garbus!

Renee N.
Submitted 08/24/20
I was very nervous about meeting Dr. Garbus. When I think of surgeons, I think of surgery. I like that Dr. Garbus isn’t just about surgery. He was friendly, informative and had a plan of action that did not begin with surgery. I would definitely recommended him to my family and friends.

Submitted 08/24/20
excellent doctor

K G.
Submitted 08/24/20
Dr. Garbus is the most knowledgable and caring doctor I have ever had! You will not be disappointed. His staff is also very nice and understanding.

Daniel B.
Submitted 08/24/20
Great to me as always!

Donna Lynn T.
Submitted 08/23/20
Dr. Garbus and his staff truly care for each of their patients. Dr. Garbus has a wonderful bedside manner and is very knowledgeable. His staff is understanding of your needs and helps to find the best appointment time possible.

Peter K.
Submitted 08/23/20
The best doctor I’ve ever been to

Lezli B.
Submitted 08/23/20
Dr. Garbus is the best!!! His expertise, bedside manner, answers to questions, and explanations of procedures are superb!

Evelyn D.
Submitted 08/23/20
My experience with Dr Garbus was fantastic! He answered all my questions and the staff were all professional. I highly recommend Dr Garbus for his professionalism, sense of humor and patience.

Terri Z.
Submitted 08/23/20
Great doctor!

Alicia M.
Submitted 07/31/20
Dr. Garbus is the nicest and most professional doctor I’ve met. He made the experience so comfortable. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Veronica K.
Submitted 07/20/20
Dr. Garbus is a compassionate and very welcoming dr. He makes you feel like you are important to him and he does the best for you.

Richard A.
Submitted 07/19/20
Friendly and Professional…

Howard R.
Submitted 07/16/20

Paul D.
Submitted 07/14/20
I and my wife love Dr.Garbus he is much more then a doctor he treats you like a friend like he’s known you for years makes you feel comfortable and at ease and talks to you and is really concerned how your feeling so professional , when I leave he makes my day, to me not only a awesome doctor but a true friend love that guy

Roberto G.
Submitted 07/14/20

James M.
Submitted 07/04/20
Dr. Garbus is very comforting and reassuring. His friendly and confident style helps put me to ease and gives me great confidence that everything will work out fine. Thanks, Dr. Garbus!

Lorraine H.
Submitted 07/03/20
Dr Garbus is kind and highly recommended to me. Felt comfortable in his hands with my colonoscopy

Annette W.
Submitted 07/02/20
Very happy with the service.

Dolores V.
Submitted 06/30/20
Nice Doctor

Elizabeth C.
Submitted 06/30/20
Beautiful office, Not an overly long wait. Dr. Garbus was professional, thorough And makes you feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable setting.

Mary Alice B.
Submitted 06/30/20
I look forward to having the meds work. How ever I have to give it more time. There is a little improvement. I look forward to seeing you in July.

Allan L.
Submitted 06/29/20
my visit was quick and and through.

Karen O.
Submitted 06/28/20
Always a great experience, He is a very kind, thorough, patient Dr.

Kumar B.
Submitted 06/28/20

Stuart L.
Submitted 06/27/20
it was excellent! What else can I say?

Barbara H.
Submitted 06/27/20
This is probably the most uncomfortable doctor visit. But Dr Garbus’ humor and care made me feel at ease.

Thomas K.
Submitted 06/16/20
I have been a patient of Dr. Garbus for most of my adult life. He is the greatest Dr. I have ever encountered. He deeply cares about his patients and always goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. His energy is contagious.

Eugene B.
Submitted 05/28/20
Timely and professional treatment.

Francine P.
Submitted 05/24/20
Gentle, caring physician.

Jill H.
Submitted 05/23/20
He’s the best doctor I can possibly say I have in my library per say. Dr Garbus makes my visits easier to handle each time. Take his time to throughly understand what is and has been going on since my last visit to the office. I’m very confident in his ability to treat me. I’m grateful to have been referred to his office.

Rhonda L.
Submitted 05/23/20
Dr. Garbus is a compassionate,caring,very knowledgeable and a friendly Dr. He makes the patient feel comfortable and he is such a good Dr. I have recommended him to my family and friends and continue to use him for years to come as my Dr.

Louis F.
Submitted 05/23/20
Great doctor

MaryJane Y.
Submitted 05/23/20
Dr is very personable and thorough

Peter P.
Submitted 05/23/20
Wonderful experience I was told that I needed surgery by a different surgeon and doctor Garbus corrected my problem in two visits without surgery. Great doctor!

Daniel B.
Submitted 05/23/20
Great as always!

David B.
Submitted 05/13/20
Incredible doctor and he makes you feel comfortable throughout surgery and office visits

Dan M.
Submitted 05/12/20
Dr.Garbus and his staff always provide exceptional care even in the most difficult times such as the current COVID19 health crises. Thorough,Courteous and Caring are three words that come to mind along with my personalThanks!

Ecaterina V.
Submitted 05/12/20

John F.
Submitted 05/11/20
I felt very safe and secure seeing Dr. Garbus. Every precaution was taken by him and his staff.

Anna G.
Submitted 05/02/20
Easy to make appointment and on time. Friendly and companionate.

Audrey M.
Submitted 05/02/20
Dr. Garbus is warm, friendly and professional and has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable. His knowledge and skill are top notch. I would highly recommend Dr. Garbus.

Samia H.
Submitted 05/02/20
I have been with Dr.Garbus for over 16 yrs and never disappointed. Takes his times with you and good hearted. Very Knowledgeable. Never disappointed. Samia

James N.
Submitted 04/26/20
Dr. Garbus is a true class act, he makes you feel like a friend and an important patient. His happy bedside manner and jokes can ease any anxiety you may have over the procedures he performs. #bestdocaround

Eileen I.
Submitted 04/25/20
Dr took care of me & he seems very good

Michael A.
Submitted 04/20/20
Having been a patient of Dr. Garbus for 20+ years I can truly say that he is not only has terrific technical/medical skills but also has great patient skills. Easy to speak to, willing to spend time. Staff is friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend.

John H.
Submitted 04/20/20
Dr Garbus is a great professional. Makes you feel at ease and resolved your issues. Greatly recommend him.

Michael G.
Submitted 04/02/20
very good

Ruth D.
Submitted 04/02/20
Dr. Garbus and his staff are wonderful! When I made my appointment, I was told there could be a wait depending on Dr.’s patient before me. The most I waited for my either of my 2 visits was 20 minutes. He gives you the attention you need and answers your questions. He makes you feel very comfortable! Highly Recommended!

Suzette M.
Submitted 04/02/20
I have been coming to Dr. Garbus for a couple years and have always been very satisfied with the care and attention that I have received. Not to mention how great the service was. The staff is very welcoming, friendly and professional.

Daphne S.
Submitted 04/01/20
Dr. Garbus always takes as much time as you need to answer all questions and concerns. Very genuine and kind. Makes awkward situations less awkward with an amazing sense of humor. His kindness and positivity is contagious. Truly a caring professional!!!

Sherriza A.
Submitted 03/26/20
Dr Jules..thought he was female from the name. Love him..Kind Empathy.Great Great Sense of Humor. .Putting me @ Ease.. The Best Doctor in the World…And Human. Dr Jules Saved Me …from Things Developing !. Bless you Dr Jules

Sherriza A.
Submitted 03/26/20
Dr Garbus is an Amazing Human being..Really put me @ Ease…as I was Nervous. . Most Importantly I love his sense of Humor..There Really Should Be More People Humans Doctors like Dr. Garbus in the World! I Recommend him Highly!

Michele B.
Submitted 03/22/20
Dr Garbus is the best. Makes you feel at ease.

John V.
Submitted 03/22/20
It’s alway’s a pleasure to visit Dr.Garbus and his friendly and knowledgeable staff.Great gastro doctor.

Maria K.
Submitted 03/21/20
Best doctor ever amazing bed side manner! I’m 24 years old and a little over a year since my total colectomy and couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon! I recommend everyone who has colon/rectal issues to Dr. Garbus!

Elaine D.
Submitted 03/21/20
Dr. Garbus has a fabulous personality. His care and concern coupled with a great sense of humor makes an unpleasant experience all good!

Evan H.
Submitted 03/21/20
Dr. Garbus is a great doctor, very friendly and knowledgeable. Front desk and staff are also great.

Deborah L.
Submitted 03/07/20
Dr. Garbus is the complete package. He is funny, empathetic, compassionate and an in incredible surgeon. He doesn’t use PA’s, you always feel like your his only patient, you never feel rushed. His technique is conservative and flawless. Anytime, I had an obstruction he would not subject me to the ER torture. He would simply say what hospital do you want to go to? He would send me to the ER of my choice, not to be tortored, but to be hooked up to an IV for fluids and pain management, prepped for surgery until his office hours were over. After working all day in his office he would come straight to the hospital, smile and say something funny like “Let’s go to the OR so I can knock the shit out of you and then this will all be behind you

Denise R.
Submitted 03/06/20
Dr. Garbus listened to my concerns. Wait time was reasonable.

Franca M.
Submitted 03/05/20
I’m been see him for over 10 years is a great dr.

Diane P.
Submitted 03/05/20
What an amazing surgeon.Scared at the aspect of surgery but he set my mind at ease. Very personable and takes the time to listen to you. Does not rush you. If you need a surgeon he is the one to go to. You won’t be sorry.

Juan C.
Submitted 03/01/20
Very good attention

Michelle M.
Submitted 02/29/20
Dr. Garbus has been treating me off and on for 12 years. His bedside manner is very personable and warm. He adjusts his treatments to my changing needs and is quick to choose a path to get me on the road to feeling better. Even though I moved from NY to NC, I choose to travel to see Dr. Garbus when I occasionally need treatment because I know I’m in great hands. He is also a terrific listener!

Elizabeth M.
Submitted 02/29/20
Dr. Garbus is one of the nicest and most caring doctors I’ve ever met. He is genuinely concerned for the well-being of his patients. I wish I could go to Dr. Garbus for all that ails me.

Gladys B.
Submitted 02/17/20
Dr. Garbus is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. He’s thorough, explains things, makes the appointment as productive as possible. Has a great bedside manner and knows his stuff. In my 68 years, he’s the best doctor I’ve ever had.

Michael W.
Submitted 02/15/20
Dr. Jules did a great job and put my concerns at ease.

Fran H.
Submitted 02/15/20
Always treated like an honored guest… not just a patient.

Wilson M.
Submitted 02/15/20
My experience with Dr Garbus office was the best thus far of any doctors office. From the moment I called to make an appointment, to the reminder, the receptionist, visit, and follow up. The whole process put me at ease. And Dr Garbus is friendly, professional, and easy to understand. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a doctor in this field of expertise. Thank you

Jack L.
Submitted 01/30/20
Best doctor on Long Island Two thumbs up

Jaclyn F.
Submitted 01/20/20
Dr. Garbus is truly the best! He’s patient and knowledgeable and KIND! The staff is all so nice and the wait is worth it! Thank you Dr. Garbus!

Roberta B.
Submitted 01/19/20
Dr. Garbus is a dedicated professional whose medical expertise encompasses the physical and emotional health of each patient.

Dominic S.
Submitted 01/18/20
Dr. Garbus is the singular most caring doctor I have ever had and is truly an expert at his craft.

Frederick A.
Submitted 01/18/20
Doctor was pleasant and tried fix the proble.

Shlomo S.
Submitted 01/16/20
Dr Garbus was quick and efficient!

Robin D.
Submitted 01/08/20
Dr Garbus had very good “bedside manner”, was thorough and spent a lot of time with me. However, I waited an hour to see him.